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Experiential Content Creation

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: We want this page to offer our white-label content creation services for exhibit and event companies to resell. The idea behind this is that most exhibit companies leave the content creation to the client but Clementine Creative Services can help them turn this into a profit center. By doing this the exhibit company can offer a truly TurnKey experience. They would be basically sourcing the content creation to us.


Every project would be quoted individually but we can make a MENU of video items than can be ordered individually or bundled: Logo intro, product/service teaser, product/service lineup, event highlights, interview, etc.

This will be a landing page selling this service. It will give an overview of why content creation is a profit center, an infographic of the process and our place in it in relation to the Exhibit Company and Exhibitor. It will also stress the importance of using us: We are in and understand the trade show and event industry, it's suppliers and logistics.


We are bringing an agency service to the arsenal of products and services that Exhibit and Event companies offer.


This page will target Exhibit and Event companies. It will have (or lead) into an intake form.


We can recycle this page to target companies outside the industry that can potentially exhibit.

Here are demos showing logo intro examples. Samples will be arranged smaller and by category, we may create subpages. This page and subpages will eventually show samples of the different video types we offer as standard items. We want this service to translate into line items that project managers and account managers can order and wrap their head around regardless of their knowledge or experience with content creation for Exhibits and Events. We can also offer to reformat content for social media marketing (since we already have the files) for pre-show and post-show.

Final logo intro sample videos will show on the tagline: Experiential Video Content

Logo intro samples











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